Battlefield: Bad Co.

A band of renegade soldiers prowls through a dangerous landscape, risking everything in a quest for personal gain. The battlefield around them looms with violence. The air is thick with danger and the possibilities for destruction are immense. And the fun is just getting started. Take the battlefield by land, air or sea with dozens of new vehicles, weapons and toys and get ready for explosive experimentation. Battlefield: Bad Company bursts with excitement from the moment you set foot on the battlefield. With environments that are nearly 100 percent destructible, the possibilities are endless. Shape the battlefield to suit your playing style. Demolish structures down to their foundations. Stunning graphics bring the scope of the destruction to vivid life before your eyes, while dozens of subtle changes to the first-person shooter formula provide a true "through the gun" experience as you fire your weapon. With every shot and explosion, Bad Company immerses you in a hail of intense action.

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