LEGO Rock Band

You've always dreamed of an incredible rock star career, and now here's your chance to build one for yourself literally. In LEGO Rock Band, the constructive fun of LEGOs combines with the music-fueled excitement of Rock Band to deliver a unique gaming experience. Customize your band in all-new ways and embark on a wild, brick-by-brick journey to rock stardom that's truly out of this world. Rock out to songs you love from today and yesterday, and build a legendary rock star reputation one brick at a time. In LEGO Rock Band, you'll design your entire band and entourage to your specifications, then customize your own unique LEGO rock den to serve as your band's special hangout. Take the stage to rock your way through an array of hits, and complete amazing LEGO-themed challenges that will have you using the power of rock to summon a storm, demolish a skyscraper and more. Collect LEGO bricks after each song you perform to help you build cool vehicles that will let you move on to bigger, better venues, and show you have what it takes to become the biggest rock band in the entire universe.

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