Batman: Arkham Asylum

Whenever Batman clears the criminal rabble from the streets of Gotham City, the forbidding Arkham Asylum grows a little more crowded. Here in Gotham's psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane, dangerous figures from throughout Batman's past reside, biding their time. And when Batman becomes trapped inside the walls of Arkham, the Joker and a host of other notorious villains aren't about to let him escape without a fight for his life. Batman: Arkham Asylum takes you inside the sinister confines of Arkham and gives you free rein to explore the infamous island for the first time. Assume the role of Batman, relying on your wits, strength and arsenal of gadgets to foil a demented scheme cooked up by the Joker. Cling to the shadows, employing the utmost stealth to help you hunt down enemies without being seen. Face off against an array of Gotham villains, including Harley Quinn, Victor Zsasz and Killer Croc, and do your best to unlock the secrets that shadow Arkham before you become the next victim.

Gamers who played Batman: Arkham Asylum

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