In the 10 years since the events of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, E.D.N. III has undergone a revolutionary change. Terraforming efforts have begun to bear fruit, melting the oppressive ice blanketing the planet's surface and giving way to lush jungles and unforgiving deserts. Now it's time for you to set out on a journey through this transformed landscape. Will you have the bravery and endurance required of an intrepid snow pirate as you embark on a quest to seize control of a changing planet? Return to the gripping world of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition as Lost Planet 2 envelops you in a thrillingly dynamic interactive experience. Test your mettle in six interconnected episodes that will take you across massive, intricately detailed environments rendered with the MT Framework 2.0 advanced graphics engine. Pit your skills against the giant Akrid, larger-than-life bosses that will force you to use every tool at your disposal, including teamwork tactics, new weapons and a variety of Vital Suits (VS). Explore the consequences of your actions in the compelling single-player gameplay, or put your teamwork to the test in four-player co-op action.

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