NHL® 10

Your skates send up a spray of ice in your opponents' faces as you slice toward the goal, the crowd filling the arena with a deafening roar in your favor. Whether you choose a powerful physical style or to play with greater finesse, do you have the chops to battle the most skilled hockey players in the world? It's up to you to find the courage and prove you're the best thing on two skates as you pursue the ultimate prize the Stanley Cup Championship. Be a rock for your teammates, carry the franchise and make hockey history with NHL 10. Experience the intensity of NHL playoff hockey in Battle for the Cup mode as you play through injuries, bully rivals and match lines as storylines carry across the entire series. Feel the power and responsibility of building a Stanley Cup champion in GM mode, which lets you scout amateurs, put players on the trading block, hire staff and earn experience points to become a legend. Unleash your aggression with the all-new board play engine as you shield the puck with your body, kick-pass it to teammates or pin your opponent against the boards. Leave no intimidation tactic unused in your pursuit of hockey's greatest prize in the incredibly authentic NHL 10.

Gamers who played NHL® 10

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