What lengths would you go to for the ones you love? As the unyielding Nier you find yourself in a world ravaged by devastating plagues, menacing Shades and forces threatening to annihilate civilization. When your daughter is struck with the deadly Black Scrawl virus, can you find a cure before it's too late? Wielding impressive battle skills and devastating magical abilities you set out to find the cause of this terrible disease, destroying anyone or anything that dares to get in your way. Embrace your inner warrior as you forge a path through the dark land on your quest. Do you have the strength to survive in a world plagued by anguish? Nier draws you in with hauntingly real cinematic event scenes and a beautiful, eerily familiar landscape rendered in stunning detail. As you explore this distressing environment, you meet powerful allies and are offered a mysterious book to aid you in your voyage. It won't be easy, but with magical abilities and warrior training you have the tools to overcome twisted foes in your quest for a cure. Master multiple weapons for unique advantages and use chain attacks to overcome villains. As you journey, you will unlock magical abilities that can extend the reach of your battle skills and aid in difficult fights. Keep your skills honed, and your mind focused as you delve deeper into this world of anguish and disease. Only you have the strength to find a cure will you emerge victorious?

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