Dragon Age: Origins

Your world teeters on the edge of total annihilation. As a Grey Warden, you are among the last of an ancient order of guardians charged for centuries with defending the lands. But now you are on the hunt for the general who betrayed you in a critical battle. A myriad of foes and challenges lie in wait as you pursue your quest for vengeance. Prepare to face certain temptation and wrenching decisions as you seek to unite the disparate peoples of a world at war. When the time comes, will you be willing to sacrifice all you have in order to secure the survival of humanity? Dragon Age: Origins thrusts you into a stunningly realized world torn by an epic war. Select one of six unique Origin Stories, and design your own unique hero with the elaborate character creator. Mold your character's personality and morality based on your choices throughout the game as you confront an array of complex moral decisions that will force you to address complicated issues such as murder, genocide and the possession and sacrifice of children. Dally with a seductive shapeshifter who may or may not hold the key to ultimate victory, and battle terrifying creatures in visceral combat that allows you to unleash more than 100 different magical spells and skills.

Gamers who played Dragon Age: Origins

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