You feel the satisfying hum of power all around you as your car moves faster and faster. As you rocket down the course, the rest of the world melts away, your concentration narrowing on the track and your competitors. Victory is so close you can nearly taste the sweetness of it as you jockey for position and prepare to literally blast away the competition. Set your course for domination as you trade paint in a closely fought battle for ultimate racing supremacy. In Blur, you'll experience in-the-pack action as you race neck-and-neck with 19 other vehicles, constantly battling for position as you strive to be the first to cross the finish line. Get behind the wheel of a variety of licensed cars and push it to its limits across stunning real-world racing environments as you employ nitro speed boosts, defensive shields, land mines and more to blow your competitors away sometimes literally. Watch cars smash and crash with photo-realistic intensity, and share the racing excitement with up to three friends in split-screen play or up to 19 additional players in online gameplay that will have you working together or fighting for bragging rights.

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