Transformers: WFC

On the living metallic planet of Cybertron, form is fluid and machines have character. Robots rule in a land without humans, and embrace their power as they easily shift from robot to vehicle to jet. The conflict over Earth has no place here, rather a devastating battle for Cybertron is about to begin. A new faction has broken off from civilization and is threatening life as you know it. Will you team up with the heroic Autobots to save the planet that made you, or will you embrace the idea of universal domination and join the tyrannical Decepticon forces? Transformers: War for Cybertron takes you through the breathtaking first chapter of the exciting Transformers saga. Experience where this rivalry first began as you join the brutal civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons. As the conflict grows, so do the stakes. Will you fight for the safety of Cybertron as an Autobot, or succumb to the thirst for ultimate control with the ruthless Decepticons? You may just find yourself embroiled in a battle neither side will truly win. Play as your favorite Transformers characters, and choose your character class, vehicle, weapons, attributes and skills for ultimate fighting might. Transform between robot, car, jet, tank and truck forms as you find the most effective way to beat your enemy. With advanced multiplayer options, you can join up with friends to fight in teams or go head-to-head to determine ultimate control. All new sci-fi art and improved character visualizations take the franchise to the next level as you immerse yourself in this epic conflict. Will you save the beautiful metallic planet of Cybertron, or grasp for total domination? The choice is yours, but this transformation is final.

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