Crackdown 2

Ten years ago, the genetically enhanced Agents eradicated the gangs populating Pacific City. But now new threats have emerged, and the Agents must put their abilities to the test once more. Get ready for an astonishing vertical-world adventure that will take you from the gritty streets to the soaring rooftops of Pacific City, where you have the ultimate power to act as judge, jury and executioner, restoring peace and justice by any means necessary. Crackdown 2 takes you back to the thrilling, open world of the original Crackdown for even more over-the-top action in the fully explorable Pacific City. Step into the shoes of a genetically enhanced Agent as you explore an expansive world filled with dizzying verticality. Leap across rooftops, hurl vehicles like toys and even blow up entire streets in your pursuit of justice at any cost. You can even take on the threats to the city in company with friends in jump-in/jump-out cooperative gameplay or share the excitement online in 16-player competition.

Gamers who played Crackdown 2

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