The battle for Kagutsuchi is on. You are a world-class fighter and you have at your helm an entire army of fearless men and women ready to destroy the enemy any way they can. The chance for the ultimate glory is within your grasp. It is time to load on your armor and march into battle. Everywhere you look, enemy armies are encamped; they are hungry for the same land as you, have secret attacks and plans up their sleeves and are bent on destroying you. Can you knock them off the map for good and claim Kagutsuchi as your trophy? In this next installment of the epic BlazBlue battle sensation, you return to the fray with new powers and new help that make you stronger than ever. Encounter the fierce, fighting females Tsubaki and mu-12 and a wily mastermind named Hazama as you embark on your newest mission in Continuum Shift. This time, before stepping onto the front lines, take advantage of a Tutorial mode that helps you refine every basic move and every complicated combo, whether you're a novice or an expert. For first-time fighters, a Beginner mode offers easy-to-follow jump-in action, while more advanced players can skip ahead to a mission-driven Challenge mode. The battle is larger than life when you sign online for intense multiplayer modes that even let you chat with fellow fighters around the globe.

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