NCAA® Football 11

You were recruited for your speed, arm and ability to see the field. Now as you march out of the tunnel, arms locked with your teammates to show your solidarity, you hear the roar of the students and fans whose hopes of a national championship rest on your shoulders. Your school wins the toss, and has elected to receive the ball. After an electrifying runback by the returner, you rush out to the huddle with your heart pounding in your chest. It sounds as though the crowd has grown louder since the start of the game, but you must tune them out. The call comes in to you from the sidelines five receivers shotgun spread you break the huddle and come to the line when you notice something the defensive backs are creeping up. Just as you yell, "Hike", the defense is in the backfield knocking you down but the crowd is roaring as your wide receiver streaks down the sideline with the ball heading for the end zone. You jump up and sprint to the end of the field and join in the celebration this is what it's like to play college football. Take to the field like never before in NCAA Football 11. Featuring authentic offenses that actual NCAA programs use, including "no-huddle" spread, triple option, wishbone, wild hog and pistol formations, NCAA Football 11 gives you 120 ways to win. The all-new locomotion system takes your gameday experience to the next level with realistic running mechanics. Feel what it's like to actually cover the gridiron right from your explosive first step. Relish the ability to stop on a dime and change direction, rebalancing yourself after an over-pursuit. Become immersed in the exciting action from kickoff to the final gun with commentary and analysis from ESPN broadcasters Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler, and receive updates on the sidelines from reporter Erin Andrews. Feel the emotion and raw intensity of college football like never before with NCAA Football 11.

Gamers who played NCAA® Football 11

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