Madden NFL 11

For more than two decades, the Madden NFL series has been the leader in authentic pro football gaming rich with the strategy, emotion and raw aggression that encapsulates the NFL. The innovative franchise kicks off another season with Madden NFL 11, and raises the bar to an entirely new level. Lower your shoulder and prepare to experience bone-crunching hits, the scramble for a loose ball and the pulse-pounding rush of fighting for every yard. Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting NFL action when you step under center in Madden NFL 11, and experience the grit and immediacy that you've come to expect from this revolutionary series. Break the huddle, get set at the line of scrimmage and blow off the line as you prepare for authentic pro football competition that's simpler, quicker and deeper than ever before. Madden NFL 11's all-new GameFlow playcall lets you feel as though you are in the helmet of an NFL quarterback, executing NFL game plans one play at a time. Spend more time on the field and less time calling plays, allowing you to live the drama and excitement of a full game in less than 30 minutes. Use your intuition when the ball is in your hands with the all-new Dual Stick Control which maps key moves to the right and left analog sticks, allowing you to burst through holes in the line, break tackles and explode in the open field. All-new locomotion lets you experience true acceleration and deceleration plus natural planting and cutting while running the ball. Rookies can enjoy success sooner with new in-game coaching tips and a revamped playcall system that draws player routes while the audio hints at precise execution. Get ready to kick off a new season of football gaming authenticity with Madden NFL 11.

Gamers who played Madden NFL 11

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