Mass Effect

Every 50,000 years, ancient machines swoop down and send the galaxy spinning into a continual cycle of extinction. Careful not to leave behind any evidence of their existence, these merciless machines have fooled everyone into thinking this deadly process is just a legendary hoax, but you know the truth. The most important struggle the galaxy has ever seen now needs your help. Join the fight against an alien onslaught and save the future of the universe. Take on the role of Commander Shepard of the SS Normandy and lead your elite recon squad in intense, real-time combat across a galaxy on the brink of turmoil and despair. Assume responsibility for the lives of your team members, whom you must rely on to stop the swarms of hostile alien enemies. The characters you control communicate via branching dialogue and display emotions through various facial expressions. This is an RPG that really thrusts you into the action. Choose your squad, weapons, skills and abilities, and customize your vehicles, armor and appearance. Most of all, harden your heart to face an enemy that lacks even an ounce of mercy.

Gamers who played Mass Effect

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