You tear up the pitch, constantly keeping your eye on the ball. Your team has wrested control of the ball from your opponents, and as the game ticks down to its final moments with your two teams locked in a tie, this could be the play that changes everything. You signal that you're open, and your teammate passes the ball. Your entire focus is on the task ahead of you. With deadly aim, you launch the ball toward the goal. As it rockets through the air, time seems suspended, and you can almost feel the entire stadium holding its breath. The goalie leaps in an attempt to block the ball, but will your shot prove true and seal a victory for your team? FIFA Soccer 10 kicks the franchise up a notch with new features and enhancements designed to make the pro soccer experience even more exciting and authentic. Control the ball more precisely with the game's first-ever 360-degree dribbling system. All-new animation warping technology gives you the ability to use highly responsive lateral dribbling to skip past a defender. Enjoy greater freedom in physical play with wider dribble touches and new collision sharing, and stay focused on the ball more easily with improved urgency artificial intelligence logic complete with more than 50 new movement cycles. Improved trapping intelligence and advanced positioning ensure more effective positioning on the pitch, and refined goalkeeper intelligence provides a more responsive and powerful rushing system. Plus, with the new practice arena, you can whip your team into shape before you even set foot on the pitch, so you're ready to come strong as soon as the action begins.

Gamers who played FIFA 10

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