Mercenaries 2

You're a mercenary caught in the middle of a nation under invasion. After a power-hungry tyrant interfered with its oil supply, all of Venezuela has turned into a massive war zone. But rather than fleeing from danger, you're savoring this turn of events. After all, as a mercenary you're out only for your own profit. And in the middle of an international crisis, there's plenty of profit for someone with your total ruthlessness and appetite for destruction. No matter what it takes, you will fulfill the terms of your contract and nobody had better stand in your way. Get ready for intense, over-the-top action in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and engage in your own brand of warfare in a massively open world. Take advantage of your mercenary status to work for the highest bidder, throwing your lot in with whichever faction offers you the greatest advantage. The choices you make will help determine the outcome of the war. Blast your way across the varied terrain of Venezuela in vehicles ranging from civilian cars to tanks and use all the destructive weaponry you can get your hands on. Knock down buildings to take out enemies and watch them fall with awesomely realistic effects. Recruit other mercenaries and build your own private military company to grow your arsenal and your leverage. Align yourself with a friend in co-op multiplayer mode to cause havoc in a new way. In Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, your loyalty is to yourself and everybody else pays.

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