Skate 2

Five years ago, a now-legendary disaster led the skating paradise of San Vanelona to be evacuated, and the city was left largely in ruins. A company called Mongocorp is spearheading the reconstruction effort. But the corporation guards its private property zealously, putting a damper on the skating scene that once helped to define San Van. Now, after five years in exile, you must return to the city where you once made a name for yourself. Only by reviving your own career and working with a band of determined locals can you reinvigorate the local skate scene and take back San Van for the skaters, one spot at a time. Get ready to show off your sickest tricks as you prove you have what it takes to own every spot in New San Vanelona. In Skate 2, you have a whole new bag of tricks to draw on, from handplants to hippy jumps. Enlist your crew to help you rebuild the city and provide personal security, and get off your board to design incredible spots designed to show off your talents. Personalize your skater with the Graphics Creator, experience the thrill of all-new bone-crushing bail physics and compete for skating glory online as Skate 2 opens a new and awesomely punishing skating world for you to conquer.

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