Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Twee60 meant for?
If you've got an Xbox 360 and a Twitter account, Twee60 is for you! You can now share your gaming activity with the world to find new friends or people to play online with.

What does Twee60 do?
Once you've created your account, Twee60 will monitor your gaming activity and will tweet according to your profile settings.

How do I get started using Twee60?
Make sure you've got a Twitter account, then click the Sign in with Twitter button above. This will allow you to share your gamertag with us and we'll take over from there.

I've got an idea for Twee60, who do I tell?
Please visit our feedback website to tell us your cool ideas.

What is the API link for?
If you're a programmer, you can integrate this free Xbox Live API into your next website or application.

I want to turn off Twee60!
You have a couple options to stop tweeting your gamer activity. First, you can simply uncheck the "Allow Tweets" option in your account. This is good if your just want to put your account on temporary hold.
Or from your Twitter profile Connections page, you can deny Twee60 there to prevent any future tweets.

How secure is Twee60
Since Twee60 uses your Twitter credentials for authentication, you aren't sharing your username and password with us. This helps prevent your account from getting into the wrong hands. Plus, you are in total control of the access that you provide to us. At any time, you can delete the connection between your account and Twee60 from your twitter settings page.

You must enable browser cookies
For Twee60 to work properly, you must have your cookies enabled before you try to login.